It’s Official! Vine and Blossom


Photo by: Teddylovesvisuals

Why, good day!  Perhaps you may be wondering at the moment who am I and why is my blog called Vine and Blossom? Well to start off, my name is Elizabeth Morales- Nunez and I am from Houston, TX and Yes I am passionate about fashion. Long story short my love for fashion started when I was young. I saw my aunt and mother sew. As  years went by I learned how to sew and I started sketching. I knew then that I wanted to be in the fashion industry! Though circumstances changed few years ago, I have now decided to launch and share my love for fashion with you. I am a firm believer of using your talents and sharing them with everyone. That’s why I decided to start this blog. In my blog I will be sharing looks that are affordable and I believe you can look good in affordable clothes, as long as you style it right. Lastly, I will be sharing my lifestyle with you and I hope to inspire someone in the way that I see fashion and my life.

Now, to answer your other question about Vine and Blossom I want to start off by explaining why I chose these two words. I want to express that Vine and Blossom is very meaningful to me. I didn’t just pick a random blog name. I wanted my blog name to be unique and be meaningful to me, other women , and young girls. Vine can be described in many ways but for me all women are “Vine”. A women who is fruitful and grows in many ways. All flowers “Blossom” and they go through different stages in order to blossom. That’s how I see women, we go through different situations but we are all beautiful and Blossom differently.

Thanks for joining me on this journey. I m extremely excited on what’s to come along the road. Hope to hear from you and as much as I am excited for this new journey I hope you are too! Please feel free to leave comments.

– Elizabeth

” Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is a gift back to God”


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