I am so excited for today’s post. First off, there’s a reason why my title is called Agape Love. Saturday, February 25, I was able to be part of the Agape Love Project Event with my bible study group. This amazing event celebrated the LOVE of God . This type of love is the LOVE that God has for his own children. With Valentine’s day being celebrated in February, you can incorporate  Agape Love in your life. We all have someone greater that loves us no matter what.

Love these amazing girls!

Now, moving on to my outfit!

Since the colors were valentines colors, I kept my outfit with the Valentine’s color scheme. What I loved about this outfit is that my dress was so comfortable and it was perfect for the event I had. Also, the good thing about this dress is that you can dress it down or dress it up depending where you are trying to go. I can picture myself wearing this dress with some cute tennis shoes or sandals. Moreover, this is a perfect dress for a date night. It’s  not too revealing but it has the right amount of sexy!

If you love online shopping then you will love to know that my boots and dress are from two online stores (please see below for online stores). You will be amazed about the prices of these items!






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