OH Romeo Romeo


Welllll……today is dedicate to my one and only hubby, better half, and love of my life Erick! I may not share our story with everyone because I believe certain things are meant to be private and well the best moments aren’t captured in pictures, media, or YouTube, the best moments are captured in the moment.

I love every love story but I mostly love mine…Long story short…me and Erick met at the beach and decide to get married months after. Mind you that I was 19. I know I was young but I honestly do not regret it. I know God brought me my prince charming for a reason at that time and that moment. ….You know how they say Marry or be with someone who motivates, encourage, and treats you like a princess. Well this is what God blessed me with. God blessed me with the whole package and I will forever be grateful. God knew that Erick complimented me and I am happy to say that me and Erick have been married for 5 years now and it has been a journey and learning process with God in between our relationship.

I am not going to lie. Marriage does take work. It can be fulfilling and challenging at the same time. Marriage is about commitment, love, patience, and compromising……Marriage requires team work, it requires for both partners to figure out what is the best solution and coming into conclusion. Though sometimes you may not enjoy it, there is always a light out of it. Just like the bible says God give us unfailing love. That’s how I see a marriage. We are supposed to love even in our rough times. Don’t want to bore you but I love talking about marriage because is an important subject to me.

I know you just got done reading all of the things I wrote above. But YES! today was a day to acknowledge my other half and to tell the world about marriage. I will end this with two things; keep your love Alive! What I mean is to keep going on dates and keep surprising each other. Second, be willing to learn your spouses love language because every one has a different way of communicating. Communication plays an important role in marriage.

Until Next Time!!!!! 😀


“Be with someone that thanks God for you”



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