The Perfect Evening Dress


Hello Sunshine’s!!

I am loving my yellow bright dress. How FUN is it to finally wear a bright dress in this weather.

Are you looking for an evening wedding or party dress for the summer? I’ve got you! Today, I have pair my yellow ruffle dress with colorful earrings. I wanted my outfit to be fun and bright. This dress literally describes my personality.

If you want to wear earrings and not a necklace well I suggest a dress that is detailed from the front,  it will work for you and I mean that’s the first thing people see, is the front of your dress. So be spontaneous because it’s a party! When you wear a plain bright dress you can basically pick and choose the color of your shoes. Just add a pop of colors because it’s summer and you deserve to be bright! Your shoes or earrings can be the pop of color.



y1 (Do & Be)


Purse: Dillards (Gianni Bini)

Earrings: Sam Moon


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