Morning Blues


Photo Credit: TeddyLovesVisuals

Feeling very blue, girly, and chic in this combination. I haven’t really worn this skirt for a long time, but so happy I found it in my closet. It’s a great feeling when you are able to find things in your closet that you didn’t even know you had. I would suggest going through your closet and pulling out the things you haven’t worn for a while. Because you can easily make an outfit and it can be unique. Honestly, old clothes are coming back in, which is awesome! I had so much with this outfit. I know everything I am wearing has blue, but it was fun to create a look with different shades of blue. Like I’ve stated before it’s spring! So have fun with colors.

What I love about a button up Jean shirt is that you can wear it with anything and it’s perfect for every season. The Jean shirt can be tucked in with any color skirt you desire to wear or jeans.



Shoes: H&M


Shirt: Ross

Earrings: Sam Moon

Glasses: Sam Moon

Purse: Dillard’s (Gianni Bini)


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