Hello April Weekend




Hello and Happy Thursday!

I’m super excited to give you the insight of my fabulous weekend that I had. April’s fools weekend was busy for me and my husband and to add that weekend was my husbands birthday! Every year I always try do to something different for my husband. I love to be spontaneous. Honestly I just love the reaction and the feeling of making my husbands day. Two of the many things I did for his birthday was, take him out to La  Table (French Restaurant). If you haven’t tried La Table you MUST go, you will love it. You can have a girls night, bachelorette party, or date there and it’s located in Houston. The second thing I did was take him to Hand and Stone Massage. I think every husband deserves a massage from working hard and simply being a husband.

Moving on to my outfit details! I bought this jumper at H&M. As soon as I saw it I thought two things, it was simple and absolutely adorable for summer and Texas weather. Well, it’s already summer in Texas.  The material of this Jumper is light and it’s so comfortable and the fact that the back has an opening makes it better. This is perfect because I can wear it with heels, wedges, or sandals. For my husband’s birthday I tried to keep things minimal, yet fun, and fresh. We had a lot going in one day so I wanted to be comfortable. I wore a coral clutch to make things pop. If I wear something plain I try to have a pop of color to make things fun.

This outfit would be super cute for a day out with friends, summer vacay, brunch, and a picnic.


Jumper: H&M

Shoes: Choies.com

Clutch: H&M

Necklace: Sam Moon



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