My New Reebok’s





I recently bought a new pair of workout shoes and thank goodness I went to get these shoes because my current workout shoes are overdue. I have worn these shoes already since Monday to work out and I have to say that I am in L O V E with my new shoes.

Honestly, I love and have had Nikes for all my workout shoes, but I decided to try something new. Just FYI I did a little research about the Reebok shoes, but what I loved about Reebok is that they range from strength training workouts to HIIT workout, treadmill cardio to outside cardio. Not that Nikes are bad, great models that are specific to certain types of training, but Nikes at the moment was not what I was looking for. I feel as though workout shoes play a big role in your fitness journey. The 2 previous Nike’s that I owned were not made for strength workout and lifting.

Better late but now I realize that different workouts call for different kinds of shoes. But at the end of the day the best shoe for you depends on your feet.

Good Day!!!

Leggings: Victoria Secret
Rebook Shoes: Reebok (Houston Premium Outlets)




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