It’s a Casino Pineapple Adventure!




Today I’m sharing my mini adventure to Golden Nugget Casino and my outfit! I have never been to a casino so this was my first time going to one with my husband. So we were both excited to try Golden Nugget. I did do a little research before going and honestly we were both looking forward to go to the pool.

As soon we arrived at Golden Nugget we were both surprised! I mean we have never been to a casino so we didn’t know what to expect. As soon as we walked inside, I was amazed to find out that Golden Nugget had restaurants to choose from and small shopping centers. The layout basically reminds me of a mall. To add to this, I was thrilled to see their pool! Their pool is amazing and the food is great, so we spent most of our time in the pool however, we did try going to the casino section for 10 minutes and it’s not for us. But the pool is where we preferred to be.

Since it’s summer and HOTTT I decided to wear my sequin pineapple shirt and Oh my I love wearing this shirt! My pineapple shirt is from H&M. It was less than $20. When I saw it at H&M I fell in love with it. I knew it would be perfect for summer. It’s plain but the sequin adds a fun touch to it. In this mini trip I decided to wear my wedges. I wanted to be casual but have a pop of color so I decided to wear my wedges that I bought from ALDO. I must say they are so comfortable. You can never have too many wedges for summer. Lastly, I don’t want to leave my swimsuit details behind, I bought this swimsuit last minute. I’ve notice that one piece swimsuits are so in and they have finally made them Cute! All of you ladies can rock a one piece swimsuit there is always something out there for you. My aqua swimsuit is from Betsey Johnson and the sad thing is that Nordstrom Rack has sold out of them! I paid less than $30.







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