Born and raised in Houston, Tx. I am happily married to an amazing men of God and he has truly been a gift of God. My goal for this blog is to inspire you in different ways, not only in fashion but lifestyle. I do have to say that I enjoy talking and telling the world about Jesus Christ. The one who has given me talents, changed my soul, and blessed me with many things.
My eye for fashion started when I was young. I grew up watching my mother and aunt sew. As a kid I saw how my mother fixed different clothes and I also saw my aunt make clothes from fabric. Furthermore, one day I grabbed the scissors and I started cutting one of my shirts (mind you that I was a kid). I grabbed the thread and a needle and started sewing. I tried to make a wedding dress for my Barbie. It didn’t come out how I wanted it. But in a way it looked like a white dress.  I then knew that I wanted to be a fashion designer. Though, circumstances changed for me and did not become a fashion designer I have not let my love for fashion disappear.
Many people see “Love for Fashion” differently and I admire that. A piece of clothing is not just a piece of clothing. That certain dress or shirt represents you and it can affect your mood and that is how I feel when I put on my clothes.
I hope that you find yourself interested and smiling as you read through my details of my heart. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope I can inspire you. Feel free to email me and I am excited for this new chapter.

“You Lack Nothing. Use What I Gave You”